Connect Asia-Pacific Summit 2013

Connect Asia-Pacific Summit, organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) of Thailand, the International Telecommunication Union as the leading UN agency for ICT, in close partnership with the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), UN agencies, development and funding institutes, and other relevant stakeholders at very highest level to discuss, debate and define the policies that will accelerate growth and assure prosperous ICT-led future.

It provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the dialogue, hear Heads of State, Ministers, industry leaders and experts share their vision, participate in highly productive networking sessions and forge the public-private partnerships that will be vital to spreading the benefits of ICT throughout the region.

"Technology should bring people and countries closer together and make us all better off. It is with this “win-win” principle in mind that, Thailand, in cooperation with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is organizing the Connect Asia-Pacic Summit 2013 – to build better bridges of cooperation and understanding amongst peoples and nations through ICT. This enhanced connectivity should help us attain development goals, promote regional economic cooperation and integration, such as the building of an ASEAN Community, and improve the living standards of the people of the Asia-Pacific. Let us therefore “connect”, at this Summit and beyond, for a future of shared prosperity and inclusive growth."

"I am delighted that, thanks to the generous invitation of the Kingdom of Thailand, we have a unique opportunity to bring together government and private sector leaders from the Asia-Pacific and beyond to stimulate ICT development and foster exciting new business opportunities in this most vibrant region."

"Public-private partnerships are key to sustainable development. Connect Asia-Pacific offers the perfect environment to develop such partnerships by convening together ICT international players, national authorities, project holders, funders and partners at the highest level."


The summit will feature high-level roundtables, at Head of State, Ministerial and CEO level, focusing on the challenges faced by emerging and transition economies in harnessing the full potential of ICTs. It will also offer a platform to introduce national and regional projects and investment opportunities.

Bold decisions and commitments will be announced on multi-stakeholder public-private partnerships to meet tomorrow’s connectivity challenges.


Connect Asia-Pacific Summit is a unique event, bringing together public and private sector delegates at the very highest level. Because ITU Connect events are organized by the International Telecommunication Union, the UN specialized agency for ICTs, they offer unrivalled outreach to a diverse range of stakeholder communities, ensuring a vibrant mix of participants across the full spectrum of the ICT industry. Only ITU Connect events offers such a diverse and compelling pool of participants – ensuring that the scope for making new contacts, meeting old friends and getting business done is unrivalled.


Connect Asia-Pacific Summit will draw together a wide range of leading stakeholders from government, industry, the international community, policy, development, finance, business and the wider non-government sector:

Heads of State / Heads of Government, Government Ministers, Chief Executive Officers and top industry decision makers, Heads of national Regulatory Agencies, Top United Nations officials, Heads of regional and international development organizations, Leaders of regional and international financial institutions, and Prominent academics and industry analysts


The summit offers networking opportunities, in a privileged environment of leaders and industry experts all focused on one clear goal – finding solutions to bridging digital gaps and promoting digital inclusion, region-wide.

As the Summit is held back-to-back with ITU World TELECOM 2013, Connect Asia-Pacific delegates will have the possibility to maximize the benefits of their presence in Bangkok by participating in both events.

Organised By

Minister of ICT International Telecommunication Union